About Us

My name is Lynda Woolley, and I emigrated to Canada at a very young age from London, England.

After much travelling and adventure, I ended up living in New York City, and that is where my professional involvement in animals began.

I became a Veterinary Technician in Manhattan, and discovered that I had a really uncanny bond with the animals.  After a few years I had to move back to Toronto to be with my Mother who had become ill and I wanted to be near her.  I decided then that I wanted to work for myself, and that is how "Velvet Paws Grooming Salon and Pet Supplies" was started.  That was fifteen years ago now, and during this time I fell in love with the amazing little Toy Breed "The Pomeranian".  After rescuing at least three of them from abusive homes, I decided I wanted to buy one from a well respected and Internationally known Breeder,  not only did I buy one, but two (they are so addictive!) 

After attending my very first dog show and seeing the Poms in the ring, I was sure that my Vinnie was worthy of showing and achieving his Canadian Championship.  I contacted the breeder, Matthew Heindl of Bavanew Pomeranians for permission to do this as Vinnie had been purchased as a pet under a Non-Breeding Agreement.  Matt Heindl agreed that if I achieved the Championship with Vinnie, he would rescind the Non-Breeding Agreement, allowing me to start my breeding program.

I showed Ch. Bavanew's Sir Vincent to his Championship that same year, and I am so very proud of him.  He is now my Foundation Stud for Pomywood Reg'd Pomeranians, and has fathered two litters so far.  One of his offspring is now a Canadian Champion herself, and another is pointed and on his way.

I offer my thanks and gratitude to Matthew Heindl of Bavanew Pomeranians for allowing me the opportunity of showing that I was serious and determined enough to achieve this level of success.  Not only did he have faith in me, but he has become a very good friend and advisor, and I will always be grateful to him for the opportunity to start my own breeding program.

Thank you for letting me tell you a little about myself, and now I hope that you enjoy this little journey through my web site and that you fall in love with these wonderful little Pomeranians as I have.